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The Science-to-Action Guidebook includes two "guides" in one publication. One guide is intended for scientists, and the other for decision-makers. The downloadable PDF version begins with the decision-maker's guide. To read the scientist's guide, go to the last page of the PDF and then read backwards page by page. The two documents culminate in a summary centerfold.
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Purpose of this guidebook
Recognizing the importance of informed decisions and the differences between the scientific and decision-making processes, this guidebook provides practical tips on how to best bring these worlds together. In doing so, this guidebook emphasizes the roles of facilitating, synthesizing, translating, and communicating science to inform conservation action. The guidebook consists of two sections called "A Decision-maker's Guide to Using Science" and "A Scientist's Guide to Influencing Decision-making". It is geared toward the perspective of scientists and decision-makers working in tropical developing nations and focusing on marine resource management issues. However, the concepts are applicable to a broad range of scientists and decision-makers worldwide.

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Printed copies of the Science-to-Action Guidebook are available on request by contacting Septiana Rustandi, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Leah Bunce Karrer (Conservation International)
Pacifico Beldia, II (CI Philippines)
Bill Dennison (Integration & Application Network)
Arturo Dominici (FUNDESPA Panama)
Guilherme Dutra (CI Brazil)
Chad English (COMPASS)
Tiene Gunawan (CI Indonesia)
Jesse Hastings (Duke University)
Laure Katz (CI Indonesia)
Ruth Kelty (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Melanie McField (Healthy Reefs Initiative Belize)
Enrique Nunez (CI Philippines)
David Obura (CORDIO)
Fernando Ortiz (CI Ecuador)
Marco Quesada (CI Costa Rica)
Lo Sivo (CI Fiji)
Greg Stone (CI)

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Science-to-Action table, p. S-9 (PNG, 0.3 MB)
Science-to-Action process: entire centerfold figure (PNG, 0.7 MB)
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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Preferred citation
Karrer L, Beldia II P, Dennison B, Dominici A, Dutra G, English C, Gunawan T, Hastings J, Katz L, Kelty R, McField M, Nunez E, Obura D, Ortiz F, Quesada M, Sivo L, and Stone G (2011) Science-to-Action Guidebook. Science and Knowledge Division, Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia, USA.